Female Investor Track

It's 2021 and less than 12% of decision makers in venture are women.

The Female Investor Track is a 3-week masterclass to help women who are just starting their careers in venture transition and grow in the industry. We are looking to build a strong cohort of passionate, eager, and driven female students who will learn from the best investors, fund managers, and founders in the game.

Application Open: April 21st - May 21st.

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The bar in VC needs to be raised

Tapping into networks across the country and resources from experts in the space, the Female Investor Track aims to enable growth through:

  1. A 3-week curriculum tailored to introduce students with all levels of experience to the key fundamentals of the venture capital space. Hear about building diligence networks, using business frameworks, constructing investment theses, and venture capital basics.
  2. Mentorship focused on providing insight both to the DRF community and the greater venture capital industry
  3. A strong network of female investors, fund managers, and founders dedicated to enabling your growth and success throughout and beyond the program.
  4. Community building based on growing a rich cohort of women that are motivated, passionate, and have your back as well as a massive network of Dorm Room Fund and First Round Partners.


3 weeks. 15 students. 30 mentors. 10+ speakers. What will I learn from Female Investor Track?

  • Venture Capital 101 I: Why VC?
  • Venture Capital 101 II: What does VC do and how does it work?
  • Building Frameworks: How do VC's evaluate companies?
  • Diligence Networks and Sourcing: Where and how do we find promising startups?
  • Approaching Theses: What is a thesis and why do we use them?
  • Being the Boss of Your Own Fund: How do you build something of your own in VC?
  • Identity and VC: Why do VCs need diversity?

Learn from the best in the game

This year you will be learning from the best female investors in the world! Check out a few of our speakers below:

Talia Goldberg
Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

Talia joined Bessemer in 2013 and has invested in 15+ early and growth stage software and internet startups. She was featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 for Venture Capital and recognized on Business Insider's Rising Stars list.

Susan Lyne
Co-founder, BBG

Susan is the co-founder of BBG, an early stage fund backing female founders in the consumer space. Prior to BBG, she founded Premiere Magazine, spent almost a decade at Disney, and was the CEO of Martha Stewart Living.

Soraya Darabi
Founder, TMV VC

Soraya is the founder of TMV, an early-stage venture firm investing in companies focused on marketplaces, healthcare and design. She's invested in companies from Gimlet Media (Acquired by Spotify) to Clockwise and is also the host of the Top 20 Business Podcast, "Business Schooled- a Podcast by Synchrony".

Wendy Xiao
Partner, Northzone

Wendy is a Partner at Northzone, based in New York, and focuses mainly on companies in the consumer, health, fintech, developer and web 3 infrastructure spaces. Her portfolio includes Spring Health, Livepeer, 3Box, OpenZeppelin, and two yet-to-be-announced companies, one in home services and the other in the authentication space.

Hayley Barna
Partner, First Round Capital

Hayley is the Co-CEO at Birchbox and grew to the firm to almost 1M monthly subscribers, raising $70M in venture capital. After the incredible success of her company, she became a part of First Round and was one of the first-ever female partners in the firm.

Ann Miura-Ko
Partner, Floodgate

Ann is the co-founding partner of Floodgate, a seed-stage VC firm that has funded companies like Lyft and Refinery29. She has been on the Midas List for 4 years in a row and the New York Times global top 20 venture capitalists list. Prior to Floodgate she was a co-founding member of AllRaise, a nonprofit focused on accelerating female founders and funders.

Sydney Sykes
Co-Founder, BLCK VC

Sydney is the co-founder of the nonprofit BLCK VC, focused on empowering Black investors in venture. She is a Stanford GSB MBA candidate and prior was part of a fashion startup known as Dolls Kill, and Investment Analyst at NEA, one of the largest VC firms in the country.

Liu Jiang
Angel Investor. Partner, Sequoia

Liu is a current angel investor who has invested in over 15 different startups at a variety of stages. Prior to angel investing, Liu was a partner at Sequoia, investing in companies such as Pendulum and Clay and an ex-DRF partner!

Lily Lyman
Partner, Underscore

Lily is a partner at Underscore, a VC focused on early-stage B2B software companies, and is on the Leadership team for All Raise. She also sits on the board of Hi Marley, Macro, and HelloTeam. Amongst a plethora of achievements she also worked in Yard Ventures, a for-profit VC fund part of Harvard University, where she pursued her undergraduate degree.

Fern Mandelbaum
Managing Director, Emerson Collective

Fern is the Managing Director for Emerson Collective, a fund focused on impact investing, philanthropy and advocacy. Along with Emerson, Fern was a lecturer at Stanford University and Co-Founder of Vista Venture Partners.

Alexa von Tobel
Founder, Inspired Capital

Alexa is the Founder and Managing Partner of Inspired Capital, a venture firm focused on early-stage technology investments. Prior to this, she founded LearnVest, a financial planning company that raised more than $75M in venture capital, and is also the NYT Best Selling Author of her book, Financially Fearless.

Anna Whiteman
Principal, Coefficient Capital

Anna is a Principal at Coefficient Capital, a fund focused on digitally powered consumer brands, and has been named Forbes 30 Under 30 for Venture Capital this year. She has a plethora of experience in the venture space amongst being an Associate at VMG Partners and Tribeca Venture Partners.

Chauncey Hamilton
Partner, XYC

Chauncey is a current Partner at XYZ Venture Capital. She has been a huge part of Dorm Room Fund’s journey as a prior COO along with being on the investment team at First Round Capital. XYZ is focused on fintech, enterprise workplace collaboration, and insurance-based early-stage startups.

Taj Eldridge
Founder, Include Venture Partners

Taj is the Co-Founder of Include Venture Partners, a fund dedicating to supporting Black and brown entrepreneurs and investors. He has been on the board of numerous startups including Bevy and ConCreates and advises VC Include, a fund focused on diverse fund managers.

More speakers to be announced!

Applications are now open and will close May 21st, 2021. Click here to apply!

Have a question? Scroll down to see a few common queries and answers!

Have more questions? Email [email protected] to get them answered!


1. What is the time commitment like?
Each session will run from 5:30-7pm EST/ 4:30-6pm CST/ 2:30-4pm PST on Mondays and Thursdays from July 11th-July 31st. On August 3rd we will have an opt-in session and on August 5th we will have our final event where we will judge the Female Founder Track pitches!

2. Are you focusing on a certain level of experience for participants?
The program is focused on building a strong foundation for understanding venture capital and topics such as business models, investment frameworks, and diligence networks. Though we welcome all levels of experience, we are catering the learnings to those early to venture or for those who feel like they want a stronger grasp of the fundamentals!

3. What mentorship opportunities do you provide?
Our program offers three main avenues of mentorship:

  • Cohort-based learning: Learn from a community consisting of the strongest female and non-binary students around the country. We hope that this offers means to build connections with those who have the same passion and eagerness for venture capital!
  • DRF Mentorship: Throughout the 3 weeks, you will be paired with a current partner/recent alumni from DRF who will offer advice tailored to being on the team and transitioning into VC.
  • Industry Mentorship: Along with a DRF Mentor, you will have an industry mentor, a current female investor in VC who will offer you tailored and unique insight into their experiences in the industry.

4. How is FIT different to FFT? Are their opportunities to do both?
FIT and FFT both run simultaneously so we encourage you to apply to one program over the other based on what you are looking to learn and the time you have availability. Female Investor Track runs for half the time as Female Founder Track and geared towards those who are considering investing in the future. However, there will be multiple opportunities to interact with the cohort throughout the program including the chance to judge the pitches of this years Female Founders!

5. What is Dorm Room Fund?
We're a student-run venture fund backed by First Round. We invest in startups where at least one person on the founding team is a student (undergraduate or graduate). Our investment team is run by student leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators across the country.

6. Who should I contact if I have more questions?
Sreya Parakala at [email protected] or [email protected]. Reach out with any questions or concerns!

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